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  1. NAME:  

    1. GUSEDS (Glasgow University Students for Exploration and Development of Space) 

  2. PURPOSES (OR AIMS):  ​​​

    1. Provide a platform on which students can enrich their knowledge on a range of topics regarding the development and exploration of space whilst increasing the number of opportunities to share innovative ideas and network with industry professionals & students. 

    2. The aim of the organisation is to implement the recommendation of the ‘The Space Millennium: Vienna Declaration on Space and Human Development’ which aims “to create, within the framework of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, a consultative mechanism to facilitate the continued participation of young people from all over the world, especially women and citizens of developing countries, in cooperative space-related activities”. 

    3. Affiliate the GUSEDS with UKSEDS, in order to :

      1. Be internationally recognized as a space orientated society from the University of Glasgow and for our members to be exposed in a variety of opportunities closely linked with this organization.

      2. Have easier access to events offered by UKSEDS and related organisations. 

      3. Have opportunities to work with other officially affiliated UKSEDS societies of other universities. 

    4. Promote Space Safety and Sustainability. 

    5. Have 2 teams as follow :

      1. Research Team : 
        The research team will be for members interested in learning about sustainable space developments and exploration.  Space Law, Space Economics and Space Development of Civilizations, how to use Artificial intelligence for space applications will all be topics of interest of which talks may be conducted by students themselves, as well as by industry professionals. One of the focal points of the team will be to brainstorm ideas on how human civilizations can settle and prosper on other planets and moons. Our purpose is for students to be introduced to the world of space research, start doing theirs and then present it to the rest of the society members, in order to get feedback and comments on how they can improve it. 

      2. Technical Team :
        The technical team will be for members looking to get a hands-on experience in creating pieces of tech that will aid future developments of space exploration such as rovers. (Using Funding and sponsorship opportunities available through UKSEDS, members of GUSEDS will be able to participate international space competitions.) 

    6. Enable our members to share their thoughts, views and opinions on key space topics and talks from the space community through social media and scheduled zoom gatherings.


    1. Research team :

      1. Events organized by the members, in order to present their research on assigned projects/topics.

      2. Organize networking events with Space Professionals and UKSEDS Sponsors to give our members the opportunity to grow their space circle. 

      3. Subject-matter experts will be contacted to give educational talks and workshops to fellow students. 

      4. Organize Space Economics and Space Law Workshops. 

      5. Organize discussions regarding the development of human civilizations on Mars and the Moon. 

    2. Technical Team : 

      1. Apply to participate and host national events including the National Student Space conference (NSSC). 

      2. Apply to participate to the annual Lunar Rover Competition organised by the UKSEDS.

      3. Participate in international space events, such as the National Student Space Conference and the International Astronautical Congress. 

      4. Focus on creating rovers that will be more efficient in the space exploration. 


    1. Full membership shall be open to registered students of Glasgow University only.

    2. Non-students may join as Associate members.   

      1. Associate members have no voting rights. 

    3. Associate members (non-students) shall not account for more than 20% of the total membership.

    4. An annual membership will cost 5 pounds per person. 

    5. All GUSEDS members will be able to secure a free UKSEDS membership, as soon as we are affiliated with them. ​


    1. The Club/Society shall be under the control of membership.   

      1. Society/club bank accounts must always be under the control of the CURRENT treasurer and president.  

      2. Membership is allowed to delegate finance functions, administration. 

      3. The Constitution is open to any amendments by the Membership.

    2. The Business of the society shall be conducted by an elected committee of full members.

    3. Any member who is a registered student of the University of Glasgow shall have full voting rights at General Meetings of the Club/Society. Associate members have no voting rights. 

    4. The officer positions are :

      1.  The President who shall :

        1. Chair committee meetings.

        2. Handle disputes.

        3. Ensure the good running of the organisation.

        4. Cast the deciding vote in the event of ties.

      2.  The Vice-President who shall :

        1. Deputise for the President in all areas when the Chair is not available for any reason.

      3. The Treasurer who shall : 

        1. Keep accounting records.

        2. Ensure all bills are paid promptly.

        3. Ensure all income is banked promptly.

        4. Report to the Executive Committee on income and expenditure and the state of the finances.

        5. Prepare budgets as required.

        6. Be in direct contact with all of our sponsors.

      4. The Event Coordinator who shall : 

        1. Liaising directly with our sponsors to help organise our events.

        2. Organise the logistics of these events, including booking venues and refreshments.

        3. Maintain a centralised Google Document of all GUSEDS events, with up-to-date information.

        4. Contact any space industry professional that GUSEDS might work with.

        5. Organise the Educational Team’s workshops and discussions as well as any presentation the Technical Team may require.

        6. Working with the entire committee to promote all events, then passing this information onto the Marketing Director, so that events can be broadcast via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

      5. The Marketing Director who shall : 

        1. Managing online social media presence, in the form of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. The Marketing Director will ensure that all sponsor information and event details are up-to-date.

        2. Sharing and publicising events, and ensuring they are advertised in college/subject groups.

        3. Heading up the Freshers’ Fair publicity campaign together with the Events Director.

        4. Receiving and disseminating sponsors’ marketing material.

        5. Assisting the Events Director in organising social events throughout the year.

      6. The Head of IT who shall :

        1. Set up the society’s website.

        2. Update the website regularly.

        3. Be in regular contact with the Marketing Director and the Event Director to help with the promotion of the events.​

      7. The Head of the Research Team who shall :  ​

        1. Schedule bi-weekly team meetings and be up-to-date topics of discussion within the space community.​

        2. Report to the President and Vice resident on a weekly basis.

        3. Coordinate with the Head of the Technical Team for common topics of interest to be worked upon together.

        4. Coordinate the team and act as a liaison between the members and the Office Board.

        5. Oversee all the projects/discussions/workshops of the Research Team.

      8. The Head of the Technical team who shall : ​

        1. Study upon competitions/projects of interest for which schedules will be created, including deadlines for project milestones. Depending on schedule stress, weekly meetings will be arranged to work towards such deadlines.

        2.  Report to the President and Vice resident on a weekly basis.​

        3.  Coordinate with the Head of the Research Team for common topics of interest to be worked upon together.

        4. Coordinate the team and act as a liaison between the members and the Office Board.

        5. Work with each member of the Team’s Board to aid them if the need any assistance.

        6. Oversee all the projects of the Technical Team.

    5. Office bearers shall be elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called to elect a replacement during the event of a vacancy.  ​

      1. All office-bearers must initially be elected by the board and the membership at the AGM.  

      2. In case of office bearer vacancies, the board has the right to nominate any membership they feel adequate for such position. 

    6. Any full member of the club/society is entitled to stand for the office bearer positions.​

    7. No full member should be barred from standing for office in the club/society unless the position is in existence for a particular group or community of interest. 

    8. If a member is disrespectful, or their values do not align with the society’s values, then the executive committee can vote for the member to be removed from the society. 

    9. All elections must be held by secret ballot.

    10. All office bearers shall be registered students at the University of Glasgow and shall not have opted out of SRC representation under the Education Act 1994.

    11. The Annual General Meeting, at which office bearers shall be elected and where the clubs/societies accounts shall be submitted and approved by the membership, shall be called with no less than 10 working days' notice to the membership.

    12. A member of the Executive Committee may be removed from their position by a vote of the Board of Trustees. 

    13. Resignations from the Committee shall be instituted by a letter of resignation to the secretary of the Club/Society. In the case of the resignation of the secretary, resignation may be instituted by a letter to the president. 


    1. Provide and promote equal opportunities, whatever a person's race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status, age, physical or mental disability, state of health, appearance, status, family circumstances. 


    1. The Club/Society records personal information about its members (e.g. names, contact details etc) for the purposes of running the club/society (legitimate interest). This information will be held securely and only for as long as it is needed. The information will not be sold or otherwise passed on to third parties without individuals’ consent. Club/Society members have the right to a copy of the information held about them on request, and to correct any inaccuracies in the information held. 


    1. The membership may make constitutional amendments at the Annual General Meeting. 

    2. On receipt of a petition signed by 25 percent of the membership, the secretary shall give 7 working days’ notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider submitted amendments. 

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