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Crew Stations

Team: Team

President & Head of Research:
Anna Kalapurakkal

Anna is a fourth year Physics and Astronomy student. What attracts her the most to Space are the endless possibilities within it and the infinite amount of questions that are inspired by it; the more you learn, the more you want to know.


As our President and Head of Research, she is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the society, as well as leading our Research Team. Through this society, Anna wants to create new and exciting opportunities for students of all academic backgrounds to be introduced to and involved with the Space industry. She hopes to provide a platform for all members to be able to enrich their knowledge in anything and everything Space, showcase and utilise their skillset, and create invaluable connections with other space enthusiasts and industry professionals. Most important of all, she wants to ensure an atmosphere where everyone's supporting each other and making big things happen while having fun all the way through. Aside from all this, Anna loves dancing and drumming.


If you don't catch her on the Moon or Mars in a few years, you'll definitely catch her in Bali or some other tropical island living life.

Anna Kalapurakkal.jpg

Secretary : Neth Jaya

Neth is a second year Mathematics student with a passion for astronomy. Between bingeing on space sci-fi movies and reading books, she finds herself fascinated by the future of space. Inspired by space, she strives to learn more and widen her spheres of knowledge- and hopefully be able to immerse herself into the industry one day.

She joined the committee as a member who does not directly study an astrophysics subject and was intrigued by the multidisciplinary opportunities that this society offers and values its inclusive nature.

As secretary, her job involves a lot of the admin work, including emailing and communications, she works behind-the-scene preparing for events and socials along with the rest of the team to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Treasurer : Joshua Parsons

Joshua is a 3rd year Physics with Astrophysics student and the treasurer of GUSEDS. He enjoys the number crunching and social aspect of the society. He's drawn to space by humanity's greater desire for exploration and discovery, bought on by his love of science fiction films and cosmic horror novels. Outside of GUSEDS he loves the performing arts especially music,  appearing to permanently have a pair of headphones on wherever he goes. He is also part of the army reserves and enjoys travel to more unusual locations. As being the treasurer of GUSEDS taking on the responsibility for applying for grants, SRC membership and managing the multiple financial accounts for the society.

Nadia Mirza-Saadi.jpg

Outreach Manager:  Nadia-Mirza Saadi

Nadia is a third year Physics student, graduate of BSc Astrophysics and is on the Outreach Team of GUSEDS. She is responsible for reaching out to guest speakers and supporting event organisation. She is also here to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where peers can have fun and develop their connection to the space industry. Nadia was keeping an eye on the UKSEDS website for opportunities so when she heard that a local branch was being set up she immediately messaged Eleni (Founder). Nadia wants to pursue a career in the space industry and this opportunity seemed like a great position to pursue that whilst giving back to her community.

Nadia enjoys exploring culture through the arts, which is particularly important when expressing the beauty from the vast number of Scottish cultures. 

Nadia means "hope" in many languages. Nadia works with multiple communities across Scotland to renewing their hope and reminding them that they are capable of achieving their dreams. Through GUSEDS she brings this to Glasgow and globally by hosting hybrid (online + in person) events for all.

Marketing Director : Brogan Milne

Brogan is a 2nd year Physics with Astrophysics student and the Marketing Director for GUSEDS. When not out hiking or camping, Brogan enjoys keeping up to date with the latest space news. He loves watching sci-fi films in his spare time and getting involved with GUSEDS and the many talks that they organise. He plans to be involved in the space industry in the future, and is a member of the University Air Squadron which he hopes will help him facilitate that dream. Whilst not a marketer, he has plenty experience in Social media and Events Marketing.

IT Officer : Piyushi Berlikar

Piyushi is a Computer Engineering graduate, currently studying MSc Data Science. She shares a strong passion to work in the field of tech and loves studying new things in the world of Space which is why being IT Manager at GUSEDS provides the perfect opportunity for her to stay connected with her profession as well as passion. She takes care of the GUSEDS website and deals with the membership management of the students who show interest in the society. She ensures that all the people part of the society are well connected through the website by updating the page regularly. Basically, she handles all IT aspects of the society. 

Piyushi also shares a keen interest in sketching and listening to music. In her free time you'll always find her with headphones on along with a drawing book and pencils.

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